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The Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Science co-ordinates and provides most of the teaching in the Master's Degree in Management and Innovation in the Food Industry (GIIA). This Master's Degree enrols a maximum 20 new students yearly, and prepares high graduates to face the strong requirements of formation and work load demanded nowadays by the food industry. As professionals, they must be qualified as managers of quality and good performance of the processing lines, and meanwhiule be able to dynamize the most innovative side of the industry in a fiercely competitive environment.

The Study Plan includes a single path strongly oriented towards food industry professionals, and is structured in 5 compulsory modules plus a Final Master Work (module 6). The structure of the Master is as follows:


Code Subjects ECTS
Module 1. Food quality and safety
13115 Quality and Innovation management 4
13101 Laboratory Management 2
13102 Food Safety 4
Module 2. Business management and marketing strategies
13116 Business Organisation and Innovation 2,5
13104 Marketing and International Relations 2,5
Module 3. Post-harvest and industrialisation of fruit and vegetables
13117 Advances is Post-harvest Treatments of Fruit and Vegetables 6
13118 Advances in Fruit and Vegetable Juices 2
13107 Fresh-cut produce 2
Module 4. Vegetable oils technology
13119 Olive Oil and Table Olives Innovation 3
13120 Seed Oils: Novel formulations and processes 2
Module 5. Development technology of meat products
13121 Advances in Cured Meat Products 2,5
13122 Advances in Cooked Meat Products 2,5
13112 Tecnology for the Production of Convenience Foods 2,5
13113 Slicing and Packaging 2,5
Module 6. Master's degree thesis
13114 Master's Degree Thesis 20

By another side, GIIA Master's Degree takes part in a double-degree program, a proposal designed to allow the students to course parallelly two master courses and acquire both studies knowledges and competences.

In practice, it is a formative itinerary consisting of coursing, simultaneously to the subjects of GIIA, the contents of Agricultural Engineering Master's Degree, according a pre-established proposal. Following this double-degree program means, for the student, important savings in time and fees, while achieving both competences and diplomas. In order to facilitate this, some of the subjects belonging to GIIA are offered too to Agricultural Engineering students.

Besides, FoodTech takes part in the teaching of some subjects in other Master's Degrees:

- Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering

Unit operations in chemical processes (14353)

- Master's Degree in Forestry Engineering

Non-timber forest products industries (103024)


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