Administration and service staff

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Personnel in Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Science belongs to three collectives: Teaching and Research Staff (PDI), Administration and Services Personnel (PAS) and Training Predoctoral Staff.

PAS joins all personnel that doesn't have direct teaching and research activity assigned, but supports PDI both in teaching and research activities as well as in management.

Last name, Name Venue e-mail Phone
Andujar Moreno, Manuel Pilot Plant 973 702 669
Cintas Burgués, Carol E2.3.10 973 702 521
Charles Godia, Gemma E2.3.18  
Vidal Berenguer, Jordi E2.3.16 973 702 670 
Adscribed staff
Prim Latorre, Montserrat E2.3.16 973 702 670
 Valls Sin, Magda E2.3.13  973 702 597


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