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The Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Science takes part in the Scientific and Technical Services of the University of Lleida, in which it leads three of these services. They are addressed to offer the agrifood industry a range of services that include chemical, physical, microbiological and sensorial analysis of raw materials, feeds and foods, and collaboration with companies in order to implement R+D activities or develop novel food trials in the Pilot Plant of FoodTech. Services offered are the following:

- Sensorial and physico-chemical analysis of foods: Service specialised in chemical, physical amd sensorial analysis of foods, and with specific expertise in oils and antioxidant substances in foods. Nonetheless, it offers sensorial evaluations by means of panels of tasters, for which it counts of an approved Room for Tastes.

- Microbiological Quality in the Agrifood Sector: Microbiological analysis of raw materials, feeds, foods and waters, by means of traditional and molecular techniques. Specialists in isolation and identification of moulds and mycotoxin analysis, assessment of the sequestering capacity of mycotoxins by adsorbent compounds, and analysis of water activity in foods.

- Trials in Pilot Plant for Food Processing: This service supports activities of processing, packaging and storage of foods at pilot plant scale. It can develop complete manufacturing processes or, when required, just one or some phases.




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